Shelly Charles


Efficient, on-demand creative services that are consistent with your strategic goals.


I give persistent efforts for quality results. Super proud of my work ethic.


Ready to roll up my sleeves to jump into the creative process at any point.

Shelly Charles

Thanks to over 20 years of managing programs in higher education, government and non-profits, I’ve learned how to get measurable results quickly and effectively. Creating relevant designs + marketing for organizations is like a big jigsaw puzzle and I love rolling up my sleeves to make my clients look like rockstars.

I move easily from strategic thinking to small details and back again. I love learning and hold a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership & Policy, a Bachelor’s degree in Music Therapy and a Certificate in Business Marketing Design.

I geek out over organizational strategy, self improvement books and impromptu music jams. My Michigan accent often comes out when I get excited about something and I love cracking cringe-worthy dad jokes whenever possible.


My clients are professionals working in the non-profit, higher education and/or government sectors. We do authenticity around here, so a good sense of humor while working hard is a must.