Located in Bangor, Michigan, this small church needed to create an online presence in order to survive.


Went live

February 3, 2015


Connect with current and former members for growth and fundraising.


I was baptized, grew up and was married in this church in my hometown, and was so sad to see it’s membership dwindling over the years. The cost of maintaining this old building is very high, so I volunteered to create an online presence for them in the hopes that we’d increase current membership and also engage former members, children and loved ones all over the world.


What we’ve accomplished:



Created a beautiful, dynamic website that also gathers voluntary email addresses for church newsletters. The site shares long history of the church building and membership, gives information for those wishing to be a part of services, weddings, and other events, and includes a monthly event calendar.



Created Facebook page and Instagram account to further engage current, prospective and former members as well as celebrate current and future events at the church. Also ran special fundraising campaigns for building maintenance and community needs, driving visitors to website pages to contribute.

Currently maintaining the church website and events page as well as managing the Facebook and Instagram communities.