Oregon Women in Higher Education (OWHE), the higher education association representing women in the state of Oregon, needed a greater online presence during their 2019 conference.


went live

February 1-2, 2019


Increase social media and website engagement during annual conference.


As a previous OWHE board member, I jumped at the chance to remain involved and raise awareness for this wonderful organization. Their mission is to facilitate meaningful connection, personal growth, professional advancement, and systemic change for all Oregon women in higher education. The 2019 conference was a perfect opportunity for me to help increase their levels of online engagement!


What we’ve accomplished:



Collaborated with OWHE board members and marketing subcommittee in the weeks leading up to the 2019 annual conference. I took stock of their previous and current levels of digital marketing and proposed that I foster community engagement before, during and after the event via their current social media accounts.



During the event, we used the #OWHE2019 hashtag on the Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts to engage participants and members who could not attend. I posted regularly from the back corner of the ballroom and coordinated with volunteers who posted to social media from various breakout sessions. I responded on behalf of OWHE to conference attendees who used the hashtag as well, and took photographs to highlight speakers and board members.



Engagement was at a record high for the OWHE 2019 conference and we’ll continue to promote the 2020 conference even earlier next year!